About us

Doctor Armando Foundation (DAF),

is formed by a group of professionals who are selflessly working since 2004 to improve various aspects of the people’s life in developing countries.

At the same time, we deepen our spiritual search, individually or collectively, respecting all beliefs and religions, but using common elements or tools for self-awareness and experience of the supernatural, such as meditation and contemplation.

We contribute to the development of health
We work for the socio-cultural development
We grant educational scholarships
We seek solutions to poverty
We have altruistic volunteers
We encourage compassion and selfless love

All of us who make up DAF, share and encourage compassion and selfless love which we implement by “targeted action” towards health development (health care and education), economic development (agricultural, livestock and new resources) and education development (schools and professional workshops), in cooperation with other foundations in India, Nepal and Bhutan where we provide technical advice and partial or total funding of their projects. We also encourage interfaith communication and indigenous cultures as part of our community health program




To train the attention aimed to improve our level of awareness (to achieve full awareness).

ContemplacionWe are not what we think, but what we do from the heart.
Exercising in the “mental silence” helps us to understand the meaning of life as we experience other planes of existence outside the ego.
“Actions speak louder than words”


To be moved by those who are victims of ignorance or poverty, feeling that our privileged position is an opportunity and not an advantage. An opportunity to love by helping others and not an advantage, because in the wheel of existence, tomorrow, that poor soul can be you.



Consistent, responsible, professional, targeted at achieving the goals of DAF.

As members of DAF, we must be very clear about the ultimate intention of our thoughts and acts, reason why we encourage meditation and consciousness development, and that intention has to coincide in achieving that “all beings have an equal chance to transcend” and that hunger and ignorance are two key barriers which we need to fight.



For the founder of DAF, Dr. Armando Menéndez, contemplation and action together are the only way that leads us to live God, to have the Lord experience, considering that God is just a word with a different meaning for each human being’s spiritual evolution level, and therefore, we cannot define God but “feel Him”, live Him, joining Him through selfless work and mystical experience through contemplation. When we speak of God in successive texts, we are actually using a term, a universal language that expresses that oneness experience with the creative principle, or the first and last reason of all, or the emptiness where our selfness breaks free from all attachment and deceit or with the perfect love, because what is important is how the word God resonates in our hearts, how we feel and live Him, not how we define or call Him.

The only thing we can agree is that if you want to seek God do not do in books or in different doctrines, and much less in the temples. Seek God in your inner self, silencing your thoughts through deep meditation and loving and working for those who need us and who could be living next door.

DAF is therefore, an opportunity for spiritual growth through action where all searchers will find their place and what to do.


Our foundation, DAF, was born as a need to expand the goals and scope of the Asociación para la Formación Continuada de Médicos del Tercer Mundo (AMTM), which was founded in 1994 by Dr. Armando Menéndez Suárez and is registered under number 129.037 in the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Spain.

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