We condemn the causes of poverty by seeking solutions


An important part of DAF’s charisma is not limited to cleaning wounds and feeding the hungry, but condemns the causes of this poverty in countries where they seem to forget that the selfishness and indifference of our society are destroying the human being, whether rich or poor, with the latter being hit first, but eventually it will reach the so-called rich countries.

DAF participates in all the forums where sustainable development models are put forward and the world economic model is called into question, since poverty is the result of a cruel system which is our duty to fight against, or otherwise, neither human beings nor the planet will survive much longer.

Depredation and exploitation are anachronistic, unjust and inhuman false wealth creation that should be extinguished or we all will be extinct.

The industrial revolution that only benefits a third of the world’s population should assume its failure and make way for the moral revolution which would save the other two-thirds of the most atrocious poverty.

“For things to change THERE, they have to first change HERE.”
It is not about producing more, but rather distributing better. Poverty is the result of an economic model based on the existence of poor people who produce for starvation wages what others, less poor, consume unnecessarily, convinced by the system’s machinery, that this way they will be happier.
Blessed crisis if it can remind us that we are human beings who share a planet where we must all get saved or none will be saved.

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