Publication date: January 22, 2018


The foundation DAF, in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy of the University of Oviedo organizes a series of seminars whose theme this year is “PHILOSOPHY OF COOPERATION”.




Dr. Armando Menéndez, President of DAF and Mr. Armando Menéndez Viso (Philosopher, Economist and Director of the Department of Philosophy) will conduct these seminars in collaboration with other professors of the Department of Philosophy of the University of Oviedo, as well as guest contributors.


  • D. Armando Menéndez Viso (PhD in Philosophy, Economist and Director of the Department of Philosophy).
  • D. Armando Menéndez Suárez (PhD in Medicine and President of the foundation DAF).
  • Dña. Noelia Bueno Gómez (PhD in Philosophy and professor of the Department of Philosophy).
  • D. Fernando Gascón García-Ochoa (PhD in Economics and Professor of Financial Economics)

Guest collaborators:

  • Dña. Juana Alonso Alviz (Degree in Social Work, Specialist in Gender and Diversity by the University of Oviedo and Lodz, Poland. She is an aid worker in Senegal for the past 6 years).
  • Dña. Ana Alviz Palacio (Degree in Social Work, teacher in penitentiaries with 29 years of experience in the Prison of Avila, Asturias and San Sebastian).
  • Dña. Mariana Menéndez Paredes (Clinical Psychologist by the Pontifical University of Salamanca. Master’s degree in Health Psychology Vice-President of the foundation DAF Aid worker in Calcutta since she was 17 years old)

Place: The seminars will take place from 15 February to 15 March, from 16:30 to 18:30 and will take place in the Faculty of Humanities, Department of Philosophy, in the classroom: “Santiago González Escudero” (05) on the ground floor of the Campus of Humanities Departmental Building (Campus of Milan)


  • February 15: Introduction: Professor Armando Menéndez Viso The origins of surplus and specialization. Dr. Armando Menéndez Suárez
  • February 20: The origins of power. Dr. Armando Menéndez Suárez Reflections and contradictions of cooperation in Senegal. Ms. Juana Alonso Alviz
  • 22 de febrero: Ethology and the evolution of cooperative behavior. Armando Menéndez Suárez Psychopathology of altruistic behavior. Ms. Mariana Menéndez Paredes
  • 27 de febrero: Thinking against despotism and state religion. Dr. Armando Menéndez Suárez A brief introduction to game theory in the field of cooperation: philosophical reflections. Prof. Fernando Gascón García-Ochoa.
  • 1 de marzo: The origins of ethics. Dr. Armando Menéndez Suárez Social Institutions and Prisons Ms. Ana Alviz Palacio.
  • 6 de marzo: Thinking (in) globalization. Dr. Armando Menéndez Suárez
  • 8 de marzo:Cooperative responses to the social problems of capitalism today. Professor Noelia Bueno Gómez
  • 13 de marzo: Aid on the ground. Dr. Armando Menéndez Suárez Screening of the documentary “Requiem por un mundo sin sentido” (17′).
  • 15 de marzo: Rethinking cooperation here and now. Dr. Armando Menéndez Suárez


Time: from 16:30 to 18:30 h.

For attendance :

 To register please submit this form to before February 10

More information and registration:

You can also find out about each seminar in our events section

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