The risk of landslides still remains on the streets of Kathmandu

    After the earthquake, many buildings are on the verge of collapse    

Life goes on among the rubble

   Children never stopped doing their homework as schools never stopped.     

Countless human and material losses

       Thousands of families who have lost absolutely everything, and many of its members.      

Searching through the rubble

   For someone who has nothing left any little thing has value.  

Playing between what was once his home

   This capacity of children makes them born   


Our projects in Nepal have followed in rapid succession. In September 2014, we made contact with some Canadian NGOs operating in the Himalayan country and with the Secretary of the Jesuits in Nepal, Father William Robins, S.J. to start with some humble projects in small villages in the outskirts of Kathmandu.

However, after the earthquake of April 2015, the situation is desperate, and we must confront a tragedy that exceeds all our expectations of assistance. Our aid worker in Kathmandu, Mr. Sajan Mulmi, puts us in contact with the Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital, who received us with open arms.


Shelter homes built with a tubular steel structure and galvanized steel plates.

The second phase, where we are still working on, consists in the construction of shelter homes built with a tubular steel structure and galvanized steel plates, which can withstand the bricks still falling down due to the winds and monsoon rains, as they are being built in the small spaces that are free from rubble.

They were left homeless and their houses are now a hip of rubble, which is gradually being removed by women with a titanic effort.

They have no home or space to place our small but safe shelters.



Our main and most urgent objectives to meet the needs of the earthquake victims in NEPAL, for which we ask you for your collaboration, are the following:


Select the wounded that due to the earthquake have acute traumatic spinal pathology with serious neurological, mechanical impact or persistent pain.
Patients who are candidates for medullar or nerve root decompression surgery, will be re-evaluated by Asturian orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons, cooperation partners of DAF, with the field data collected by the medical team of our foundation (medical history, radiology, neurophysiology, etc.) travelling to Kathmandu to operate the most urgent cases in hospitals with which we have previously reached a collaboration agreement.

This entails a great deal of coordination with other foundations and NGOs, and a significant financial outlay, so we need a lot of help (Ways to Help), but our effort will prevent many people ending up in a wheelchair or bedridden for life.


Creation of a Volunteer Data Bank (database of volunteers who have sent us the form and authorisation duly filled in and signed, (“Volunteering”), and share them with foundations and NGOs currently working in Nepal, to channelize them by profession, experience and availability to areas of urgent need.


We have done all we could until all the money we had was used up, but it was not enough. 90% of a village was entirely destroyed, and a vast number of families are living out in the open and have absolutely nothing. They have lost everything under the rubble of their homes.

On 15th June 2015, Father Perico Massanet, S.J. and I left to Nepal to meet our cooperation partners and start helping in the reconstruction of that country.

Our work would be focused on implementing small rural schools and medical clinics, so that life does not stop and children have some hope for the future. But the dimensions of the tragedy forced us to change our objectives, and take care of the most urgent needs: the wounded and those who were living on the street, without latrines, homeless, no water, no clothes or shoes. As a Foundation, we are doing what our limited financial resources allow us to; as persons, we are giving them our full emotional support and affection.
However, we cannot forget the most basic needs: water, food and shelter, and for this, on their behalf, we ask you for help.

This page, which we are updating with the latest news about the earthquake victims, is dedicated to Nepal, because at present it is a priority issue for DAF.

Thank you in advance for any donation you can provide.


Armando Menéndez



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