La Nueva España “The little soldier Lu”


LA NUEVA ESPAÑA: “The little soldier Lu,” ready to travel to Nepal

Publication date: Octubre 30, 2016

The newspaper La Nueva España informs its readers about the presentation of the latest publication of DAF, through the review “THE LITTLE SOLDIER LU”, ready to travel to Nepal.
This story has been written by Armando Menéndez and edited by the Foundation DAF, to raise funds which will be entirely used for their educational work in Nepal and our recently appointed Ambassador of DAF Covadonga García García (finalists of Masterchef junior3) who collaborates with us inviting everyone to read this story as well to learn about the philosophy and the work carried out by the Foundation DAF.


El soldadito lu listo para viajar a Nepal-La Nueva España

Thanks to the media publications, whether news, interviews, or small reviews like this one, the dissemination of the activities carried out by the Foundation DAF to achieve its objectives of aid to Nepal, India y Bután, , is much wider and allows us to make people aware that a small gesture such as the purchase of this Buddhist fable “THE SOLDIER LU”, pcan help make the lives of people living in these developing countries a little more dignified.

In this case, all the money raised from the sale of this book will be donated for scholarships for girls in Mumbai


Remember!! You can find the story of “The little soldier Lu” in the main libraries of Asturias, Santander and Leon, and you can buy the book online, in the most important portals of the internet

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