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The University of Oviedo and the foundation DAF will perform training sessions on cooperation

Publication date: December 15, 2017






The Spanish newspaper,La Nueva España, in its edition of  Gijón, reports on the agreement signed byt the University of Oviedo and the foundation DAF (chaired by Armando Menéndez) to carry out seminars and congresses that will start in February. These seminars are intended to inform and provide  training on cooperation.



“The Department of Philosophy of the University of Oviedo and the foundation DAF, chaired by the doctor Armando Menéndez Suárez, have signed an agreement to organize seminars or congresses with the aim to provide training on cooperation. Today, Friday, it is programed to present some courses that will start next February”


It also reflects the achievements and goals attained by DAF during this year, such as the scholarships given to girls in India, the opening of the school in Bihar, or the major prize of cooperation for peace given by India to the foundation.

However, the aid is not only focused in India and Nepal but the foundation DAF maintains the commitment of cooperation and aid with the Albergue Covadonga, giving a new donation of 6.000 euros.

And finally, the foundation reminds us that throughout December, you can visit the exhibition “PUSHED INTO EXILE,“ where Armando Menéndez tells us through his photographs, his experiences in Palestine, reflecting the problem of the Christian Arabs in this country.


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