A cultural and humanitarian initiative in a delightful restaurant in Candás, Principality of Asturias, Spain.

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The restaurant, Di Domenico, puts at your disposal the books published by the foundation’s DAF Editorial

Publication date: August 14, 2017


The restaurant Di Doménico, established in one of the most beautiful fishing villages of Asturias, not only offers delicious pizzas and many other exquisite dishes of the Italian cuisine, but also places at your disposal the books published by the foundation DAF Editorial , so that while you are waiting, you can browse and explore the landscapes of India and Nepal and learn about the humanitarian work we have been doing in these countries since 1998, providing assistance to health and education development, especially to women and girls.


Iniciativa Di Domenico libros DAF



From this page, the foundation DAF thanks those responsible of Di Doménico for that initiative, and we remain at their disposal for future collaborations.





This news and photo were sent to us by a satisfied and surprised customer, because apart from the excellent quality of the food and special attention, he encountered that courtesy that speaks for itself about the owners and staffs’ sensitivity.

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