Presentation story “THE LITTLE SOLDIER LU”

Date(s) - 29/10/2016
7:00 pm-8:00 pm

CCAI, Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto


This time DAF offers you an extraordinary event, the presentation ceremony of the story: “THE LITTLE SOLDIER LU”, a wonderful fable beautifully illustrated, through which the Foundation hopes to raise funds from its sale. All the money raised will be given for scholarships for the girls from the slums of Mumbai.

The presentation ceremony of the story of  THE LITTLE SOLDIER LU, will take about 60 minutes. We expect that 70% of the public will be children between 10 and 16 years, because this book is mainly addressed to them. The scout group, Grupo Scout Keltikhé, of Gijón will be taking part in the event and several public and private schools, also from Gijón.



  1. Presentation of the event shall be carried out by Naciu Varillas, member of DAF and journalist of the RTPA.


  2. Brief speech made by Armando Menéndez, founder and President of DAF, thanking the assistance of everyone and telling how Lu was born, what is the intention of the story, to whom it is directed, and its application to the real-life of boys and girls (duration between 10-15 minutes).


  3. Covadonga Masterchef Junio3Intervention of COVADONGA GARCÍA SUÁREZ, the 12 year old girl, FINALIST AND THIRD POSITION IN MASTERCHEF JUNIOR 3 who will speak about the story: her impression about the book, what conclusions she has drawn from it and if she considers that the message of Lu could prevent many of the small wars (such as bullying or other conflicts) which unfortunately makes the lives of many children very miserable in schools and in the meeting places for young people (duration: 10 to 15 minutes). We will show some examples that have come out recently in the press.


  4. Reading of the poem ewritten by Armando Menéndez, called: LAS MISMAS MANOS (The same hands).
    This poem will be read by children of different cultures and races, starting off by Covadonga. Each one will read some verses, giving way to the next until the poem is complete (duration: 10 minutes), the scout group, Grupo Scout Keltikhé 635, will also take part in the reading 


  5. Farewell speech and invitationto visit the stand of a library from Gijon and to a hot chocolate or coffee with cookies, offered free of charge by the Asturian company Cafento Coffee Factory.



Please do not be late for the appointment,as we are expecting a large number of people. Nevertheless, for those who have no place in the auditorium, seats will be available in the courtyard where you can see the event by CCTV.



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