DKV makes a donation to the foundation DAF

DONACIÓN DKV - ElComercio-LeerNews published in the Spanish newspaper EL COMERCIO

The winning project of the DKV’s national campaign “PROVIDING RESPONSIBILITY TO YOUR BUSINESS”

Publication date: January 22, 2018

The insurance company DKV has made a substantial donation to the foundation DAF at the proposal of the consultancy company, AMADO CONSULTORÍA, who has considered this Asturian NGO worthy of this economic support for their important social works in India over the last 14 years.

Amado Consultoría had the opportunity to elect the project for this donation.

The delivery of the bank check to Dr. Armando Menéndez, president de DAF, took place in the consultancy’s offices with the presence of Jenifer Prada, Head of Health and Life Areas of the insurance broker, Julia Díaz Salgado, External Network Inspector of Asturias for DKVand the mediator Tomás Amado.


DKV realiza donativo a la Fundación DAF

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