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“The smallest and most humble of our books triumphs against all odds and despite going against the tide.”

Publication date: December 23 , 2021

For sale on Amazon, at DAF’s headquarters or this website, this small book of only 6×8 centimeters and 100 pages is about to run out of its first edition one month only after going on sale.


The key to its success, as said by the author Armando Menéndez Suárez, is it was written “from my soul to your soul”.

Un éxito inesperado Diccionario de Dios

An honest and brave book that puts in value, psychologically and spiritually, love, forgiveness, and the meaning of life.

For many it is a self-help book, for others, of Christian inspired spirituality, but for most it is a book that makes you reflect about the pillars of happiness, of fulfillment as a human being and as an interior itinerary to solve conflicts with ourselves and others.
It is a coexistence guide in a world that has lost its way and that treats as mental illness that which is nothing less than a terrible fatigue and disorientation in the urban jungle and its moral decline.

About the foreword:

Being love such powerful weapon, that can transform the world making it a home for the whole humankind, and being hatred just the opposite, why don’t we love with all our might?

Armando Menéndez Suárez

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