DAF welcomes professor Antoinette Kankindi


“Daf welcomes professor Antoinette Kankindi to Gijon”

Publication date: February 27, 2017

The foundation DAF welcomes professor Antoinette Kankindi to Gijon, supporting her project to promote vocational training for women as the driving force for social change in Africa.

DAF welcomes professor Antoinette Kankindi

Our foundation has been publicly condemning for years the slavery, in every sense, faced by million of women in India and Nepal, through the press, through conferences and through the book edited by DAF in Spanish, “La mujer en la reconstrucción de Nepal” (Women’s role in the reconstruction of Nepal).

We also believe that university, and vocational training is paramount for women’s liberation, and for this reason, we provide scholarships exclusively to girls (see the Terms and Conditions in our Education/Scholarships section), who stand out for their responsibility and skills for study and are proposed by their teachers (see Education/Scholarships/Guarantors) since the multiplier effect in their environment is the only method to encourage other girls to follow their example and not suffer the same fate as their mothers, subjected to sexist society and culture. 

We assume that in Africa, women suffer a similar situation, although paradoxically they are the ones who lead the moral and socio-economic change as is the case in India.

The Foundation DAF has seen in Professor Kankindi and the Harambee Association, an initiative that we share and support for everything we have in common, and from our web site, we invite all our partners and friends to read with interest the information below and attend the conference announced in these pages.


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