Armando Menéndez interviewed by Pachi Ponce

Armando Menéndez entrevistado por Pachi PoncelaRADIO INTERVIEW IN RTPA

Armando Menéndez in RTPA: new expo, awards and goals achieved and new projects

Issue date:  December 14, 2017

 Pachi Poncela in his program in   “RTPA “La Radio es mía – La hora de…”  once again interviews the President of  foundation DAF, Armando Menéndez, who talks about the new exhibition “PUSHED INTO EXILE”, a reflection of the conflict Palestine is living through beautiful photographs made by him and reminds us that this exhibition can be seen in the courtyard of the CCAI in Gijón until the 30th of December.

And it is Pachi Poncela that reveals the prize obtained by the foundation DAF: India has granted us the International Peace Prize, which will be collected by Armando Menéndez from the hands of the Indian vice president next month.

Armando Menéndez informs about the good results obtained with the scholarship programs, thanks to the help of benefactors and volunteers, encouraging everyone to collaborate in order to reach the new objectives proposed for he next year.

He also informs us of the new seminars that the foundation has scheduled to carry out in collaboration with the Universidad de Oviedo.


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