A 6,000 € humanitarian blanket against the cold

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DAF in solidarity with the Albergue Covadonga

Publication date : January 23, 2017

A 6,000 € humanitarian blanket against the cold“: next Friday, January 27, at 12:00 am, the foundation DAF (Dr. Armando Foundation) will donate 5,000 € in food and other basic necessities to the Albergue Covadonga of Gijón

Albergue Covadonga

Another 1,000 € donated by Makro Asturias must be added to this donation.

In total, 6,000 € against the cold which the Albergue Covadonga will exchange into humanitarian warmth and in thousands of meals for the most needy.

The money raised by the Foundation DAF for this campaign is 100% Asturian private donations.

The Director of the Foundation Albergue Covadonga, and its Programme Director, Julia Castro, besides other members and representatives of the mentioned Foundation, attending more than 1,000 persons a year and giving more than 50,000 meals.
The President of the Foundation DAF, Armando Menéndez Suárez, the Vice President, Mariana Menéndez Paredes, the Secretary, Gael García Schmid, and the International Coordinator, Gemma Baró-Montes.
Also attending is, Dr. Pedro García, Mariluz Chamorro, Tomás Amado, Jorge Currás, as well as other collaborators in representation of the members of DAFThe General Director of Makro Asturias, Mr. Manuel de Dios and the Sales Manager, Hugo Fuentes.

Place of the event: Sede del Albergue Covadonga: Calle Diario El Comercio, número 8, Gijón


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